Testimonial: Melany Stawnyczyj

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Since the fall of 2012, there have been two organizations that have really made it their mission to remind us to live beyond the cancer diagnosis that became central in Roman’s and our family’s lifestyle. The Roman Warrior family would like to recognize one non-profit organization that was founded by Mike Roberson: Free To Be Me. This wonderful organization caters to giving critically/chronically ill children and their family time to enjoy being care free for at least one memorable moment.

What’s so amazing about Free To Be Me?! In addition to allowing children to climb in and check out some pretty awesome aircraft (anything from emergency rescue helicopters to luxury private planes), the children and their siblings actually get an opportunity to take flight!

Whenever Mike had a chance, he would invite our family (as he did with all the families with children seeking treatment at Greenville Vidant Hospital) to an upcoming event. Oh the beginning years! We were struggling with so many changes and I can remember feeling that Roman in small engine plane seemed too fantastical! Yet, I remember clearly thinking that if Roman would ever be well enough—I would let him do just about anything! Roman viewed his first event via hospital window. I never imagined how big of a deal it would become to a little boy, until the day he could participate.

Last year, 2014, Roman and his sister got to fly with a pilot named George—without me or their daddy! Roman and his sister couldn’t stop smiling and telling us what they experienced. To this day, I am humbled and bursting with happiness by what this organization was able to do for our family. For one day, we weren’t forced to feel like a family with cancer… we were just the Stawnyczyj family enjoying life.

PLEASE help support Free To Be Me! Everything they offer to families is an expense completely reliant on donations and volunteerism. Each child that gets to have a carefree experience has a pilot that volunteered his/her time, airplane, and fuel to make it happen. They, along with all the event volunteers, are passionate about giving each child a fun afternoon. Free To Be Me is a great organization that helps sick children, from our community, be well looked after.

Included is an awesome video from Free To Be Me. Wait until the very end to get a glimpse of our beloved Roman the Warrior. His smile says it all:


If you haven’t made your way over to their Facebook page, go there and send them your love by hitting the like button. Roman is also their cover photo!


Interested in volunteering or supporting in some way?

Click here to learn how you can volunteer!

Please donate to their Go Fund Me page:


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