Join Our Flight Team at Free To Be Me


FREE TO BE ME Volunteers are grouped together in special teams that reflect different people you would see at an airport. The teams are: pilots, stewardess, ticket agents, ground crew personnel, and baggage handlers.

Each team of volunteers has a special role to plan for each event:


Next to the young passengers, the pilots are the star attraction. All of the pilots who participate in the FREE TO BE ME fly-in volunteer their time, planes, fuel and their self to make sure that the children who are at the fly-in have a great afternoon of fun. You must be a licensed pilot to be a member of this team.

Stewards and Stewardesses

The stewards and stewardesses keep people moving and make sure that everyone remains in safe zones. Safe zones are the areas that have been set up for things such as food, displays, and seating. These areas are away from the field and any active airport traffic. This group of volunteers make sure that the passengers connect with pilots, get refreshments before the flight, and a meal after the flight.

Ticket Agents

The ticket agents make sure that everyone that enters the area is registered. Families register together so they can fly together. The parents complete a brief registration form, sign consents for pictures and publicity, permission for their child/children to fly, and a liability waiver. The ticket agents connect the prospective passengers with either a steward or stewardess.

Ground Crew

Ground Crew volunteers are the people that pull together the events that take place on the ground during the fly-in events. The ground crew arrives at the airport the afternoon before the fly-in and works with the airport manager to stage the area. Sometimes airplane hangars are used, other times it may be the airport lobby.

Baggage Handlers

Baggage handlers consist of the group that gathers items and creates goodie bags for the children who attend each fly-in. The bags that are given to the children consist of some information about FREE TO BE ME, a tee shirt, and a toy airplane. The volunteers put together 75 bags for each event.